• Architects – Levitt Bernstein Associates –Eastfields, PRP – High Path and HTA Design – Ravensbury.
  • Housebuilder/Contractor - TBA.
  • Scheme mix – 2,800 mixed tenure homes across the three sites.
  • Completes – 12 year phased programme.

In 2015 the decision was made to develop regeneration proposals for three existing estates: Ravensbury and Eastfields in Mitcham and High Path in Wimbledon, based on the condition of the homes, levels of overcrowding and the results of an independent residents’ survey.

Following extensive consultation and close working with residents and Merton Council planning permission was granted in March 2018. The plans will deliver around 2,800 new homes across the three neighbourhoods and 9,000sqm of commercial and community space. In addition the regeneration will create over 700 construction jobs per year as well as training and apprenticeship opportunities.

All existing residents will be rehoused in homes of an appropriate size, dealing with existing overcrowding. Plus over 200 of the new homes are ear-marked for existing resident homeowners, in an innovative offer allowing them a new home at no additional cost, given the high levels of freeholders and leaseholder across the three estates.