We provide high quality and affordable homes to people failed by the housing market. Our residents reflect wider society and Clarion offers a range of housing to meet different needs, including rented homes, properties for the over 50s, homes for key workers, and 8,500 Shared Ownership properties.

Sometimes our residents want to move, for all sorts of reasons, and we help them do this through our House Exchange scheme which lets people swap their homes.

There are more than 118,000 properties in our portfolio and our network of homes is growing all the time. We currently build more than 2,000 homes a year, the majority of which are affordable housing, and have more than 17,000 new properties in the pipeline.

We are constantly looking to enhance our housing stock and invested more than £100 million on improvements to our existing homes in 2019/20. In addition, we are tripling our annual investment in home energy efficiency from £2m to £6m over the next five years.

Safety first

We tackle issues head on and, in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, are leading on fire safety reforms - using our expertise to influence policy  and working closely with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Work is ongoing across all our properties to ensure that fire doors and other safety measures are of the highest standard. We spent £18 million on fire safety in 2019/20 alone, and will invest a further £100m over the next five years.

Strong base

Our spending plans are made possible by Clarion Housing Group’s strong financial foundations, with assets worth more than £24 billion. We also rent and sell properties on the open market, through our development company Latimer, to generate funds we can invest back into our affordable housing.

Mark Hattersley, Group Chief Financial Officer: “Being a financially strong organisation underpins everything we do. It means we are resilient, and can continue to fulfil our purpose as well as progress and deliver on our ambitions.”