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Case Study14 April 2022

Ray Sutherland - Senior Operations Manager (Heating)

Ray has worked for Clarion Housing Group since 2016. Read about his responsibilities as a Senior Operations Manager.

Ray Sutherland, Senior Operations Manager

Ray Sutherland is Senior Operations Manager for the Heating Team. He joined Clarion Housing Group in 2016, moving up within the company to his current role in the management.

What is your current role ? 

I’m the Senior Operations Manager (Heating). I’m responsible for managing all of the Heating contractors nationally and both of our gas auditors.

How has your career developed at Clarion?

I joined the organisation as a contract surveyor in June 2016. My job involved looking after the Swale Heating contract in London and the South East.

There was a restructure within Property Services and my then manager was promoted. I applied for the subsequent vacancy and was appointed as Operations Manager for London and the South East, with contract management responsibilities for three heating contractors and a Gas Auditor.

I fulfilled that role for another 12 months and then I was appointed as Senior Operations Manager for the Heating Team. The role is both interesting and challenging in equal measure, fortunately I am supported by two excellent managers. We also have a very dedicated team of contract surveyors. I’m proud to work as a member of a very committed and supportive management team.

“I’m proud to work as a member of a very committed and supportive management team.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

There is a fair bit of variety and a lot of problem solving to do. I really enjoy working with colleagues from other teams and also enjoy the social mission that we all share.

What is your favourite work memory?

During the procurement of the new gas contracts, we had to visit several different contractors throughout the UK.

I spent a few weeks with different colleagues, getting to know them better and working together to carry out in depth assessments of the heating contractors that had submitted tender bids.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join your team?

Our team can be a very fast-paced environment and we frequently need to react swiftly and decisively when responding to escalating incidents. This is particularly relevant in the winter months.

The heating team exposes staff to some high-profile situations and you need to be able to prioritise and juggle conflicting demands. With that said, the team are extremely supportive of each other and work well together to achieve our goals.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I could not come into work on my second day because I was appearing as a contestant on ‘Tipping Point’. (I came second).