At Clarion Housing Group we believe it is important to reflect the communities that we serve and we know that diversity in the workforce improves problem solving, innovation and dynamism. Research also confirms that organisations that allow staff to be themselves are more productive, as their workforce are likely to be more authentic, effective and happier.

We are embedding diversity and inclusion (D&I) into everything we do at Clarion from the way we develop our staff, to the way we recruit and communicate. This holistic approach will help us to fulfil our goal of being an inclusive landlord and employer that understands the needs of colleagues and customers.

We provide training for all staff on D&I to ensure we meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty. 

We actively promote inclusivity and ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Our colleague network groups have three key aims, these are:

  • Peer support and networking opportunities
  • Policy review, and providing strategic input
  • Awareness raising and celebration of key dates in the diversity calendar.

Contractors and suppliers

We will ensure that consultants, contractors and partners are aware of the importance of equality and diversity to us.

We will help them to understand the diverse needs of our customers in order that they are better equipped to provide an effective service to all our service users.

When we select companies to work with, their commitment to equality and diversity is one of our key criteria in the selection process.