Every financial year, each contracting authority shall publish on the internet statistics showing, for the preceding financial year, how far the contracting authority has actually complied with its obligations under this regulation to make payments within 30 days, including—

(a) the proportion of invoices that were paid in accordance with those obligations, expressed as a percentage of the total number of invoices that were, or should have been, paid in accordance with those obligations; 75%

(b) the total amount of any liability (whether statutory or otherwise) to pay interest which accrued by virtue of circumstances amounting to a breach of those obligations; and £55,744.50

(c) the total amount of interest actually paid in discharge of any such liability (including any which had accrued before the beginning of the period to which the statistics relate). £0.00

It should be noted that in the early days of the pandemic and the move to remote working there were delays in the receipt of paper invoices for processing, impacting upon the overall number of processing days for the year.

On reviewing the monetary value of invoices, 83% of the total value invoiced was paid to terms during the year.

The statistics above are in respect of the year ended 31 March 2021 and exclude Latimer and Grange.