Charitable foundation

Our charitable foundation is one of the largest anti-poverty charities in the UK delivering £1billion of social value over ten years.

Our work includes supporting 4,000 people into work every year, providing 8,000 interventions to help get people online, providing 2,000 loans to help people in financial need and support 15,000 young people to get a better start in life.

We work in partnership to support our residents and wider communities. Our activities focus on employment & training (Ready 2Work and Love London Working), financial inclusion (Money Matters), digital inclusion (Get Connected), young people and neighbourhood investment.  

Employment & training

We focus on working in partnership with national and local partner organisations, to create training and job opportunities for our customers and local community. Clarion Housing Group also works together as a group to embed employment and skills into our core services including procurement, HR and housing.

Financial inclusion

Clarion Housing Group is committed to helping our customers to access and manage affordable financial services and products in a way that meets their needs. Ongoing welfare reform is having a real impact on the way our customers manage their money and make ends meet.

We recognise the impact that ongoing welfare benefit reforms and rising costs of living is having on our customers. We know from our own research and work that more and more people are struggling to make ends meet, are using foodbanks, missing meals or not heating their homes just to get by.