An innovative zero-carbon housing refurbishment program, Energiesprong UK, has been established by a group of social housing providers, construction companies and building performance professionals, including Clarion Housing Group.Interreg Logo

Originating in the Netherlands, Energiesprong is a revolutionary approach to delivering attractive ‘whole-house’ refurbishments with the aim of achieving a net-zero energy performance when complete.

The Energiesprong programme has delivered over 2,000 refurbishments in the Netherlands already and following a study tour to see Energiesprong in practice, the group were so impressed that they set up Energiesprong UK to explore whether the Dutch approach could be applicable in a UK context.

As part of the Energiesprong housing refurbishment initiative we have - together with nine other partners from the UK, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands - secured European funding through the Interreg NWE programme for the E=0 project.

Energiesprong is now looking to scale its existing innovative housing programme into the UK and France and to stimulate a mass uptake of net-zero energy property refurbishments through its fully-integrated, market-driven, zero-carbon and funding approach.