The Clarion Housing Group is made up of a number of not-for-profit and commercial subsidiaries. We have structured ourselves to provide separate governance and oversight of all of these into three key areas:

  • Social housing

  • Commercial activities

  • Our charitable foundations

The delivery of social housing and related services is undertaken by Affinity Sutton and Circle Housing.

Our commercial activities are focussed into a number of business streams: new home sales – undertaken through our Latimer brand; property maintenance and management services – currently delivered separately through ASR, CBS, an in-house direct-labour team and Grange; and a range of telecare and support-related services from Centra and its subsidiaries.

In addition we have a subsidiary providing properties for open market rent and another, HouseExchange, which facilitates the swapping of housing association or local authority homes. The profits made by these commercial enterprises provide additional funds to support our social housing ambitions.

There are currently two charitable foundations in the group. It is our intention to merge these into one, which will significantly increase our social investment in training, employment and community activities.

CHG Structure

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