Sustainability Policy - Latimer by Clarion Housing

As the development arm of Clarion Housing Group, Latimer is committed to delivering homes and communities for those who need it the most. Sustainability is a fundamental part of this commitment; across the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economic.

For more information, please read our Sustainability Policy [pdf 456kb].

Building lasting communities is an important driver for our new developments.  We have two processes that feed into the development of our designs, taking input from the local community.  These are contained in the following documents:

The Sustainable Community Considerations Process [pdf 224kb], and Our Approach to Community [pdf 62kb].

Latimer’s sustainability performance for the 2021/22 financial year is included in the Sustainability Reporting Addendum [pdf 4mb] which also details some of our processes, procedures and case studies of our activities over the last year.  This report is an addendum to our Annual Report and Social Impact report, released early as part of our Next Generation Sustainability Benchmarking.

As part of embedding sustainability into everything we do, Clarion has released its first Sustainable Development Roadmap – outlining our route to all new homes being net zero carbon compatible by 2025. It marks a step change in the way that we build our new homes and communities and is part of our commitment to playing our part in helping the UK get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

We are taking a holistic approach to deliver the change needed without delay - creating a happier, healthier and more sustainable environment for us all.

Roadmap to zero carbon homes

The roadmap sets out our ambitious route to net zero carbon compatibility on our pipeline of new developments. Making new homes zero carbon will both reduce emissions, and slash the energy bills of those those living in them.

We are already designing our new homes to be net zero carbon compatible, which means that new designs will not include any fossil fuel heating systems.

This builds on the approach embedded in our Sustainable Housing Finance Framework. Our approach is informed by the expertise of our team and external partners and has been peer reviewed by industry experts. In addition, we have consulted internal and external stakeholders to understand what is important to them in the field of sustainability.

We will review this roadmap annually against our performance, as well as emerging regulation and industry trends. We have also joined the NextGeneration annual sustainability benchmark of the 25 largest homebuilders in the UK.

Pillars of sustainability

Carbon emissions are one part of a bigger picture in our approach to sustainability, which  is built on these foundations:

Social value 

Providing far more than a home, by building inclusive communities and delivering economic growth through jobs and apprenticeships.

Healthy places

Putting the health and wellbeing of our residents first, creating healthy spaces for all to enjoy. We aim to create walkable communities where cars are no longer needed.

Adaptable and resilient

Delivering safe and secure homes that are resilient to the changing environment and the evolving needs of people. We are designing our new homes to mitigate against the impacts of climate change.

Planet friendly 

Ensuring that our developments result in greater biodiversity, creating places for people and nature to thrive in. Our construction partners will be required to monitor and reduce the impact of their work, and we are focused on using products from sustainable, ethical and responsible sources.

Energy and carbon 

Rapidly moving to deliver homes that are net zero carbon and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We will monitor and evaluate the performance of our homes in meeting net zero carbon targets.