First and foremost, at its heart, Clarion Housing Group is a social landlord – we mix public and private money to provide affordable homes, overwhelmingly for people who can’t meet their housing needs in the market.

We are a good landlord and providing good, compassionate customer service matters to us.  We also manage and maintain our homes to a good standard and invest in improving and renewing them.

Equally building new homes is a high priority for us and our target is to build 50,000 new homes over the next ten years.  In addition to affordable homes we will build some homes for outright sale and market rent, with the profits generated invested in our core affordable housing work.

We also invest in our communities and are delivering one of the country's largest social investment programmes. This supports residents into work and training; manage their finances; get online; improve their neighbourhoods and help young people to get a better start in life.

One of our key objectives and crucial to achieving and delivering on our ambitions is maintaining our strong financial position. 

We want to be an employer of choice too and believe that key to our success is our people.