Developer - Circle Housing

Masterplanners - Levitt Bernstein Associates - Eastfields, PRP - High Path and HTA Design - Ravensbury

Lead contractor - TBA

Scheme mix - 2,600 mixed tenure homes across the three sites, including the replacement of 1,200 existing homes

Completes - 12 year phased programme

In 2015 Circle Housing made the decision to develop regeneration proposals for three of their Estates -Ravensbury (Morden), High Path (South Wimbledon) and Eastfields (Mitcham), based on the condition of the homes and the results of an idependent residents' survey.

Circle has been further consulting with residents on their proposals and has successfully secured planning for an associated site on Ravensbury to facilitate the decant process.  The masterplan applications for all three sites will be submitted shortly. 

More about Merton Regeneration can be found here.