Developer - Affinity Sutton

Lead contractor - Linden Homes

Scheme mix - Phase 3: 111 homes, with 53 for market sale and 58 for affordable home ownership/rent

Completed - October 2013

Affinity Sutton's Ramsden Estate in the London Borough of Bromley, comprises 900 homes.  The regeneration of the Estate was undertaken in three phases with 270 new homes completed in the first two.

The Estate required partial demolition due to its design and configuration, poor condition and cold bridging from the failed 1960s system build. A modern, low rise, tenure blind estate was developed on a phased basis to facilitate a single move for residents.  All were offered the right to return, as well as advice and assistance.

The third phase was sold into the Ramsden LLP, a 50/50 joint venture between Affinity Sutton and Linden Homes.  The partners invested equal equity and construction was funded through positive cashflow.