Circle Housing makes Living Wage commitment

Circle Housing’s 9 housing association partners and its commercial providers Centra Living, Centra Homes, Centra Care and Support and Centra Pulse and Connect have gained the accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation for paying all staff a minimum hourly wage based on the cost of living.

The commitment to pay staff fairly will see everyone working at Circle Housing, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or third-party contractors, receive the Living Wage within the next three years.

Mark Rogers, Chief Executive of Circle Housing, said: “We are proud to have gained accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation and Citizens UK as a living wage employer, demonstrating our commitment to pay staff fairly. All our contractors, agencies and partners will be paid the UK living wage too and therefore everyone working under Circle Housing contracts will be paid the living wage in the next three years.”

The Living Wage is calculated by the Living Wage Foundation to cover an individual’s basic cost of living. At £8.25 an hour outside of London and £9.40 in London, it is significantly higher than the current national minimum wage of £6.70 and the government’s proposed national living wage of £7.20 an hour which is set to be introduced this year as a new legally enforced minimum level of pay.

Sarah Vero, director, Living Wage Foundation said: "The best organisations are voluntarily signing up to pay their people the Living Wage, a pay rate based on the real cost of living.

"We hope that others in the sector follow the lead of Circle Housing. They join a growing list of more than 2,000 organisations ranging from FTSE 100 companies to independent businesses, SMEs and third sector employers who all share our belief that work should be the surest way out of poverty. The Living Wage is good for people and for business.”