LGBT history month

LGBT History Month 600 x 400LGBT History Month is an important time to celebrate the progress that has been made for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality over the years, and to celebrate the people who have worked for this change.

It also offers a chance to reflect on what is left to do. Changing laws which affect trans people, empowering more teachers to prevent and stop young LGBT people being bullied at school, or improving the representation of LGBT people and the full diversity of our community to name but a few examples.

Celebrated in February, religion, belief and philosophy is the theme of this year’s LGBT History Month.

Despite the efforts of people of faith and some fantastic faith leaders, both LGBT and allies, the two areas are often assumed to be opposed. Stonewall will be using the next four weeks to profile some of our role models of faith, whose journeys will help to show how religion, sexual orientation and gender identity can sit alongside each other. Glee (our LGBT Network) and Out and About (our resident network) will also be featuring examples and organising events. Please give your support by attending or commenting on our articles.