Have you registered your household appliances?

Register My Appliance

Registering your household appliance means you will receive free product safety repairs and will be contacted by the manufacturer if any safety issue arise. ‘Register my Appliance’ is part of AMDEA’s (Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances) safety initiative designed to make it easier for people to register all of their domestic appliances, to ensure that manufacturers know where to find them if a safety repair is needed.

This is a FREE service that can be used for both new and old household appliances and can also save you money by entitling you to an extended warranty or guarantee period.

What you need to register your appliance

To be able to register your household appliance and stay informed of important safety repairs and product recalls, you will need to know the following:

  • Product brand name
  • Model of your product - Which may be a name or number
  • Serial number - Normally between 10 and 16 digits long and appears on a plate on the appliance
  • Purchase date - If you don’t remember exactly when your product was purchased the approximate day, month and year will do.

It is quick and easy to register your household appliances and helps to ensure your home is kept safe. You can register by visiting the 'Register my appliance website'.

Register my appliance