How can social landlords support tenants in the private sector? New LSE research supported by Clarion Housing Group

Clarion Housing Group has 800 homes in the private rented sector and we supported a new piece of research from the LSE (London School of Economics) to examine how social landlords could offer further support to private tenants in the future.

 “Private Renting: Can social landlords help?", is published by the LSE today and is available to read in full here.

To complement the research of the LSE, Clarion Housing Group is today releasing our summary report into the key findings. The short paper focuses on findings from a survey of 2,000 renters in Britain, comparing the experiences and attitudes of people living in social housing to those in the private rented sector.

The report highlights some major differences in the experience of the two groups, including:

  • 42% of private renters have lived in their property for 12 months or less, compared to 15% of social renters
  • Cost of rent is the biggest concern for 39% of private renters, more than twice as many than social renters
  • 76% of social renters want to stay in their current home for as long as possible, but only 40% of private renters say the same

The Clarion Housing Group report is available to download here.