The Clarion Index 2017 - Findings from our annual resident survey published

This year sees the publication of the first Clarion Index, our annual resident survey. The index includes findings from telephone surveys carried out from 2,000 households and builds on the five years of insight from Affinity Sutton surveys as well as a short survey of Circle residents in December 2016.

The survey questions covered a range of topics including building new homes, digital behaviours, employment, finances, energy and communications. These findings are used across the business to target resources, measure the impact of different programmes of work and tailor our communications.

Key Findings

Here are a few key findings taken from the full report which can be found below:

  • 70% of residents say they find it easy to access landlord services compared to 59% in 2016 (+11%).
  • 84% of residents are satisfied or very satisfied with their neighbourhood.
  • 19% of residents have switched energy provider in the past year (compares favourably against national figures).
  • 14% of residents went without food to save money in the last year, down from 19% in 2016.
  • 83% of residents feel in control of what happens in their life.
  • 75% of residents think that it is important that Clarion builds new homes for sale and rent (up from 71% last year).

View the Clarion Index 2017

The Clarion index has been created as a digitally interactive tool and includes a PDF version which you can download.

The 2017 Clarion Index