The Clarion Index 2021

The Clarion Index is our annual customers’ behavioural insights report, giving a broad look at their lives, views and experiences. Clarion places great importance on listening to our customers to better understand and serve their needs.

Last year, the Index showed how the Covid-19 pandemic was impacting almost all areas of customers’ lives – some shielded at home, self-isolated due to symptoms, and fundamentally changed their working lives.

This year, while the change and uncertainty associated with the pandemic has continued, it is reassuring that our metrics around community, neighbourhood and wellbeing have stayed high, with most residents satisfied with the place where they live and feeling they belong there.  

In light of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, in Glasgow this autumn, we introduced new questions about sustainability and climate change and found that older residents in particular are concerned about this, and most are trying to do their bit by recycling their household waste.

Clarion Index 2021: Key findings

  • 87% of customers can access everything they need in their area
  • 85% are satisfied with their neighbourhood
  • 82% feel in control of what happens in their life
  • 74% say they talk to their neighbours regularly
  • 81% of customers access the internet
  • 80% recycle all or most of their recyclable household waste
  • 67% feel the issue of climate change is important to them personally
  • 65% see a need for more social rented homes in their area.

The Index remains a key tool in the business’ understanding of our customers' lives, and the significant role that Clarion can have. The findings inform every area of our business and ensure we can measure the impact of different programmes of work, target resources and tailor communications

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