Latimer and Hadley Property Group granted planning permission for 568 homes at Goodmayes Homebase site

London Borough of Redbridge has unanimously resolved to grant planning permission for a significant mixed-use development brought forward by a joint venture partnership between Latimer, the development arm of Clarion Housing Group, and London-based regeneration specialist, Hadley Property Group (Hadley).

The partnership’s consented scheme will see the site completely revitalised following consultation with local residents, community groups and Council Members. Formerly a Homebase store and associated car park, Latimer and Hadley’s proposals, which have been developed by urban design specialist Stockwool Architects and landscape architect Fabrik, will deliver an open, inclusive and community-focused neighbourhood comprising 568 high-quality new homes, of which 35% will be affordable.

The development will actively contribute to the health and wellbeing of Redbridge residents and wider London. The focus will be on three main areas: job creation and the stimulation of local economies, inclusivity and community wellbeing, and through an ambitious low-carbon and biodiversity approach powered by air source heat pumps and featuring a sustainable urban drainage system designed for resilience to future climate change. Members of the Redbridge planning committee praised the scheme, with one Councillor hailing it as “the best in the Crossrail corridor.”

As well as a new public square with outdoor seating, a stage for community performances and a café with a terrace, Latimer and Hadley’s approved masterplan combines green outdoor spaces and parks to benefit the community. The partnership is committed to providing amenities that meet the needs of local people and has selected partners and uses based on feedback from residents.

This will include London’s first state-of-the-art digital music academy, hosted by leading electronic music educators FutureDJs. The academy will focus on the provision of contemporary music education across genres not traditionally part of the school syllabus and will provide discounted rates and specifically tailored programmes for local students. As well as affordable gym and studio space, there will be a flexible co-working space on-site that will also provide childcare and nursery facilities to support working parents. All amenities will be accessible for the wider community to encourage inclusivity and promote active, healthy lifestyles.

To encourage active travel, the scheme will feature a Sustainable Transport Hub, which will provide storage and rental facilities for bikes and e-scooters, and an electric vehicle car club with adapted vehicle provision to promote low-carbon travel and provide sustainable and accessible alternatives to car travel. New pedestrian and cycle routes will run between Goodmayes Avenue and Goodmayes High Road, and a total of 83 new trees will create new habitats and improve air quality.

Before construction commences, to activate the vacant space at the former Homebase store, the partnership has collaborated with Space Generators: a charity dedicated to turning empty buildings into Climate Emergency Centres acting as inspirational community hubs for the benefit of people and planet.

Richard Cook, Group Director of Development at Clarion Housing Group, commented:

“Creating a new thriving neighbourhood is about so much more than bricks and mortar, and we’re delighted to be working with Hadley who share our commitment to placemaking. Being granted unanimous planning permission is a huge step forward, and we’re looking forward to working together to deliver high-quality sustainable and affordable homes in the heart of Goodmayes alongside amenities and employment opportunities that will benefit the local community. It’s exciting to see our shared vision for the site come to life.”

Andy Portlock, Chief Executive Officer of Hadley Property Group, said:

“This partnership was formed to deliver transformational regeneration in the parts of London that need it most. It was rewarding and refreshing to hear members of the planning committee speak about how well integrated and considered the development’s private and affordable housing is, and this is no accident. The different strengths that Hadley and Latimer bring to the table have combined to give us a superb scheme with clear, tangible benefits to the Goodmayes community of both today and tomorrow.”