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News11 February 2021

Clare Miller comments on government funding for building safety

Group chief executive of Clarion Housing Group calls for investment in fire safety.

Clare Miller, group chief executive of Clarion Housing Group, commented:

“The government announcement yesterday will not resolve this crisis. Whilst the additional funding for the tallest buildings is welcome, MHCLG is failing to provide any additional funding for buildings under 18 metres, while requiring that remedial fire safety works take place."

“This means that housing associations and leaseholders across the country are still being asked to pay the bill in most cases."

"Clarion has invested £60 million into our fire safety programme since 2017 and completed inspections on more than 70 of our buildings."

“We will continue to invest in this programme, but housing associations cannot bear the burden without a significant impact on our ability to build and maintain much-needed affordable housing.”