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Establishing our strategy

In order to achieve our purpose of making a difference, we need to deliver significant environmental and social impact throughout everything we do. Our founder, William Sutton, a Victorian philanthropist, set us on our mission. It was simple: to provide good homes to those who needed them most.

That was 120 years ago and we’re not stopping now. Today the world is different, and the difference we make is more important than ever.

Whilst the cost of living has never been higher, we are also bearing the environmental costs of a planet taken for granted. The world needs net zero carbon, and we are leading the transition to net zero carbon homes by 2050, generating over £3bn worth of social value along the way.

Importantly, we’re not starting from scratch – we’re building on the great progress we’ve already made. We’re just turning up the dial to ensure that everything across Clarion, everything we build, everything we own, everything we do is making a difference for our people and for our planet.

We’ve aligned our strategy with the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and our pledge is to be transparent, accountable and real on our journey. Our reporting is aligned with the Sustainability Reporting Standard (SRS) for Social Housing, covering 48 Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

Reflecting on Clarion Housing Group's performance in 2022/23

Clarion’s Sustainability Director, Miles Lewis, shares his insight on the organisation's successes over the last year and challenges we face to achieve our targets.

Not starting from scratch

All the success we've achieved this year is just a continuation of the significant progress we've made, we're now just turning up the dial to ensure that every action we take across Clarion, every home we build or manage is fit for our residents, our people and our planet.

In 2022/23 we:

  • Delivered more than £139m in social value, of which £137m was a result of Clarion Futures activity in our communities nationwide
  • Directly invested £20m in energy efficiency measures
  • Achieved EPC C or above on 73% of our existing homes.

Sustainability at Clarion

At Clarion, we are committed to delivering significant environmental and social impact throughout everything we do.

Find out more about our sustainability strategy, work and priorities.

Making a difference

See how we are performing against our sustainability targets and our priorities.
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Clarion residents planting in communal garden

Recovering nature

Energy and carbon

We need to move towards renewable energy as fast as possible, and in doing so reduce our carbon emissions to net zero

Renewables and materials

We need to use less and reuse more within a circular economy

Biodiversity and nature

We need to implement biodiversity strategies to enhance and protect our natural environment

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Aerial view of row of houses with roof solar panels

Restoring social equality

Social value

We need to eliminate fuel poverty and deliver positive social impact through everything we do.

Wellbeing and placemaking

We need to build and manage places that improve the physical and mental health of our residents

Climate resilience

We need to ensure our developments and communities are protected from the future risks of climate change

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Young girl on swing

Rethinking business

Disclosure and sustainable finance

We need to openly compare ourselves to other businesses and ensure we lead the way in transparent and honest communication of achievements and challenges

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We need to celebrate the richness of our diversity and reflect the communities we serve

Ethics and procurement

We need to uphold the highest standards across every aspect of the business

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Staff in Clarion office
Clare Miller, CEO of Clarion Housing Group

“Our focus is on making a difference and being a force for good for both people and planet.”

Clare Miller, Chief Executive of Clarion Housing Group

How Clarion contributes towards UN SDGs