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News12 June 2020

Consulting with communities on possible name changes to buildings

Get in touch with Clarion Housing Group regarding the building you live in. 

Clarion Housing Group is a charitable registered society, founded on the principle of providing housing to those most in need. We stand for equality of opportunity in all that we do.

The debate taking place around statues and buildings named after historical figures associated with the slave trade and racial prejudice is hugely important. We will engage with any resident or community group that is campaigning for change.

We are clear we have a key role working in partnership with our residents, communities and local politicians together to discuss these issues and for decisions to be made at a local level, with every resident given the opportunity to make their voice heard.

If you are a Clarion resident and would like to make contact with regard to the building you live in, please e-mail and provide your address and contact details.