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News4 June 2019

Clarion statement on the future of the Sutton Estate

Clarion Housing Group will consult residents on new proposals for the Sutton Estate.

Clarion will consult residents on new proposals for the Sutton Estate.

The Sutton Estate is an integral part of the community in Kensington and Chelsea and securing its future has long been a priority for Clarion Housing Group.

We are writing today to provide an update on the future of the estate and to reaffirm our commitment to working together with Kensington and Chelsea Council to meet local housing need.

Clarion has been reviewing the plans for the estate and can confirm that we will not be resubmitting the proposal rejected by the Secretary of State in December.  

Consultation with residents

Clarion will be consulting with residents on entirely new proposals, which keep the community in place and will be shaped in consultation with local people. This new plan will be underpinned by two commitments:

Recognition that blocks A-D cannot continue to lie empty and require redevelopment. The existing homes are over 100 years old and cannot meet decency standards for accommodation. Priority for the new social homes will be given to residents currently living on the estate.

Blocks E-K & N-O will not be redeveloped, as had been proposed in previous plans. Instead, Clarion will invest in the properties, for the benefit of existing and future residents.

Clare Miller, Group Chief Executive of Clarion Housing Group, said:

“Our overriding priority is to meet the needs of current residents living on the estate and to secure the future of social housing in Kensington and Chelsea."

“We are committed to delivering a sustainable future for the Sutton Estate and look forward to working with the community to realise our shared ambition.”