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News10 May 2021

Supporting our residents through the pandemic

A new report by Clarion Housing Group outlines the help we have given to residents. 

  • Recent research suggests some Clarion residents are struggling as a result of the pandemic.
  • In response to the research, Clarion have adapted services and targeted resources to meet the needs of these residents and communities.
  • These changes include; wellbeing checks, assistance for food poverty, energy vouchers and the Covid-19 response grant programme

Following on from recent research, we have published a report outlining the actions we have taken to support our residents and address the issues they are facing as a result of the pandemic.

Our long-term study has involved interviewing over 700 residents about their experiences at regular intervals to track how things have changed for them during the course of the pandemic.

Key findings

Findings have shown that some residents are really struggling – not just with their finances, but also with their health, work and social lives – with those on benefits and women among those paying the highest price.

In response to these findings, and throughout the last 12 months, we have adapted our services and targeted our resources to meet the ever-changing needs of our residents and communities, including:

  • making more than 80,000 calls to check on the wellbeing of vulnerable and elderly residents since the start of the pandemic
  • helping more than 200 households that have been unable to pay their utility bills to obtain energy vouchers worth up to £100 each
  • giving assistance to some 14,000 households experiencing food poverty
  • awarding more than £725,000 to longstanding partners through our Covid-19 response grant programme, providing a financial lifeline to grassroots organisations across the country, ranging from food banks and community groups to local charities
  • committing to take on more than 300 unemployed young people as part of the government’s Kickstart scheme, giving them support and training during their time with us.

In addition, Clarion Futures, our charitable foundation, has continued to support people into employment. Since April 2020, we have supported 2,558 people into work, including 215 apprenticeships and 188 people who have set up their own business. Training courses traditionally delivered face-to-face have been shifted online, and thousands of people have benefited as they try to improve their skills and employability.

Clare Miller, chief executive of Clarion Housing Group, said:

“This research is vital, as what we hear from residents helps inform our response to the ongoing crisis and identify steps we can take to address the issues they are facing."

“We are committed to doing all we can to support our residents as we recover and rebuild from this pandemic and will be continuing our long-term study to help shape our work going forward.”

View the full report.