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News22 April 2021

Clarion statement on ITV News report

Clarion Housing Group’s response to a story about a resident in Walthamstow.

On 22 April, ITV News broadcast a feature on housing conditions, which included the experiences of a Clarion resident in Walthamstow.

The programme only aired a very brief reply on behalf of Clarion Housing Group, so we have decided to publish our full statement below.

This statement provides the context to the case, the work we have done to support our resident and our desire to see Ms Smith moved to a larger rented home.

Clarion Housing Group statement

"Clarion is a responsible social landlord and we have worked extensively over the last seven years to try and manage the condensation and mould problem in Ms Smith’s home."

"The work we have completed over these seven years includes numerous attempts to address the problem, including:

  • Ten separate halophen mould washes.
  • We lagged the mains water pipework in the kitchen to prevent condensation build up on the cold pipes
  • We have checked, cleared and overhauled the gutters.
  • Installing a drain at the front of the property to ensure no water can pool in this area when it rains."

"The real underlying issue here is the housing crisis. Ms Smith moved in to the flat in 2014 with two children and there was adequate space at that time. She now lives in the property with her four children and the flat is undoubtedly overcrowded and poorly ventilated. This contributes to condensation, which is the principal cause of the mould."

"We want Ms Smith to have a larger home, but due to the chronic shortage of affordable housing in London, this has not been possible."

"London urgently needs more affordable rented homes and we need more grant funding from national government to make it a reality."