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News7 July 2020

Clare Miller comments on £50 million green retrofitting plan

Chief executive of Clarion Housing Group comments on government’s announcement to support retrofitting of social housing.

Clare Miller, chief executive of Clarion Housing Group, said:

“As the largest social landlord in the country, we welcome the government's announcement that it will support the retrofitting of social housing. Millions of social housing residents live in older homes, which need investment to lower their carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency and cut their energy bills."

“The more quickly we can access this new funding, the more effectively we can cut heating bills in affordable homes across the country, cut carbon emissions and stimulate employment."

“Clarion has our own 20 year planned investment programme to invest in our residents homes, but government has a big part to play in bringing forward investment and helping Clarion and the social housing sector accelerate these plans.”