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Research and insights12 November 2018

Clarion Housings response to the Green Paper for Social Housing

  • Clarion Housing Group issued an online survey to our residents to respond to the Government's Social Housing Green Paper.
  • More than 1,000 residents took part in the survey.

In August this year, Government issued a Social Housing Green Paper, to allow people both inside and outside Parliament to feedback on its proposals.

  • Provide a safe and decent home.
  • Improving and speeding up how complaints are resolved.
  • Empowering residents and ensuring their voices are heard.
  • Celebrating thriving communities.
  • Building the social homes that we need.

Given that the first four of the principles relate explicitly to current residents, we engaged directly with residents to gather their views on these topics. We issued an online survey asking what they thought about some of the key points in the Green Paper and asked for their suggestions. Over 1,000 residents responded to this survey.

To supplement the online survey we commissioned an independent research agency to carry out a series of four representative regional round tables and in-depth interviews.

The Clarion response to the Government’s Social Housing Green Paper is therefore heavily influenced by resident’s views.