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Research and insights8 January 2019

The Clarion Index 2018

  • The Clarion Index is an annual survey of 2,000 Clarion residents, with the results forming every area of our business.
  • 84% of residents agree their neighbourhood is a good place to live.
  • Findings show that only 5% of residents are unemployed, with 42% of residents being in paid work.

very year, we ask 2,000 of our residents for 20 minutes of their time to tell us about themselves, their lives, and their experiences. We publish the results of this survey as The Index, and the findings inform every area of our business, allowing us to target resources, measure the impact of different programmes of work and tailor our communications.

The survey questions cover a broad range of topics including communities, wellbeing, using the internet, household finances, energy and building new homes.

Key findings 

  • 84%

    of our residents agree their neighbourhood is a good place to live

  • Only 5%

    of all our residents are unemployed (seeking work); we house many people who are in paid work (42%), retired (21%), disabled (17%), looking after the home (6%) or are carers (6%)

  • 7%

    of our residents have had to use a food bank in the last year. 13% have gone without food because they couldn't afford it.

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