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Press release5 December 2023

Clarion Housing Group becomes National Emergencies Trust’s 10th Patron

Clarion Housing Group, the largest social landlord in the country, has become the 10th Patron of the National Emergencies Trust, an independent charity dedicated to raising funds for people affected by UK disasters.

The announcement comes as new research reveals 70% of workers in the building and property sector would like their employer to play a supportive role during UK disasters.

The Opinium survey shows that 29% of those working in the sector would like their employer to provide wellbeing support to any colleagues affected. They would also like them to step up for other people affected by raising awareness of external charity appeals (26%) and raising funds or making a donation (22%).

Building on its work to support customers and communities during the Covid-19 pandemic, Clarion Housing Group will work with the wider social housing sector to help the Trust to raise vital awareness during appeals and support its efforts to distribute funds quickly to local communities where they’re needed most. The organisation will also help galvanise the sector’s skills and expertise to support the relief effort after a major emergency.

As a Patron, Clarion Housing Group will also support the charity’s vital year-round preparedness work. For example, enabling the Trust to strengthen its distribution networks, ensuring no-one is left behind during future emergencies, and helping it to progress innovative, survivor-led projects, like Bee The Difference.

Led by nine young survivors of the Manchester Arena attack, the Bee The Difference research project highlighted six ways to provide better mental health support for children and young people affected by terrorism. Its findings are not only informing the way the Trust supports young people but have also influenced others who can create change, including a review by the Victims of Terrorism Unit within the Home Office.

More broadly, Clarion Housing Group’s support will contribute to the Trust’s wider work on mental health, including the launch of a dedicated Mental Health Panel. During disasters, the Panel will offer expert advice to the Board of Trustees to enable them to make innovative funding decisions that best support survivors.

Clarion Housing Group joins a growing Patron community that includes Arco, Alcimi, Arnold Clark, Co-op, Christopher Laing Foundation, M&G plc, NatWest Group, Sky and Tesco.

Michelle Reynolds, Chief Customer Officer at Clarion Housing Group, said:

“As a social housing provider, we know that lower income households are often disproportionately affected by emergency incidents, and we can see great potential to drive benefit to our residents and communities through this partnership. The Trust’s focus on learning from lived experience and ensuring all funds are distributed equitably across communities struck a chord with our own values and approach.”

John Barradell, Chair of the National Emergencies Trust, said:

“Historic emergencies have shown the devastating impact that losing one’s home or being isolated from one’s community can have on people’s wellbeing. So, it’s perhaps no wonder our research shows that people working in the property sector have such a strong desire to play a supportive role when disasters arise.

“We’re delighted to welcome Clarion Housing Group as a Patron. Their local expertise and sector knowledge will be invaluable during emergency appeals, but they will make a vital contribution to our work year-round.”

The National Emergencies Trust partnered with Business in Community (BITC) to conduct research into the role companies can play during UK disasters. The Opinium survey of more than 4,000 UK adults showed that 70% of building and property sector workers want their employer to play an active role during UK disasters.

Meanwhile, sector workers want to play their part too: almost a third want support from their employer so that they and their colleagues can volunteer their time (28%), and a fifth (19%) would like their employer to help them and colleagues to fundraise for those affected.

Visit the National Emergencies Trust website to find out more about becoming a Corporate Patron.