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Developments14 June 2024

Latimer completes construction of innovative Future Homes Standard development in Buntingford

The new pilot development features seven newly-built affordable homes that represent the future of sustainable housing.

Latimer, the development arm of Clarion Housing Group, is proud to announce the completion of construction for the Peasecroft development in Cottered, Hertfordshire.

This new pilot development features seven newly-built affordable homes that represent the future of sustainable housing.

Latimer built five three-bedroom terraced houses and two two-bedroom semi-detached bungalows to pilot for the impending Future Homes Standard (FHS) legislation. The development showcases two distinct approaches to meet the FHS - a fabric-first approach in the terraced houses and a technology-led approach in the bungalows.

The new homes, which are all available for affordable rent, have also been fitted with new technologies such as solar panels, smart hot water cylinders, infrared panels and ventilation units to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability, optimise energy use, provide renewable energy and reduce costs.

Residents of the new Peasecroft homes will enjoy significantly lower energy bills, improved living conditions, and the comfort of modern, sustainable homes.

A comprehensive Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) will be in place to allow Latimer to monitor energy performance, indoor air quality, and resident satisfaction over the next 12 months. This data will inform future projects and contribute to the housing sector's collective knowledge base.

Richard Cook, Group Director of Development

"This milestone affordable housing project demonstrates Latimer’s continued commitment to innovating and working ahead of the curve. The seven new homes at Cottered will not only provide warmer and cheaper homes for residents but also offers valuable learning for the housing sector as we work towards meeting new legislation and future-proofing our homes for the families that need them most."

Richard Cook, Group Development Director at Clarion Housing Group

Latimer is committed to providing and building energy-efficient homes as part of our wider sustainability strategy.

As highlighted during a recent visit by construction and housing industry experts, the Peasecroft project sets a benchmark for future housing developments. It provides a scalable model for sustainable housing and offers practical insights for overcoming challenges in construction and implementation.

For more information about the Peasecroft pilot project, including design insights and sustainability features, download the full brochure.