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Case Study20 May 2022

Financial support during the pandemic

Danielle received emergency support from Clarion Futures during the Covid-19 pandemic, helping her and her family find financial stability.

Danielle, Clarion Resident

The Covid-19 pandemic led Danielle to struggle with her caring responsibilities and household finances. We helped her get back on her feet with emergency support and practical help.

Facing financial pressure

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the lives of our residents, with many struggling financially as jobs have been lost, people placed on furlough or working hours reduced. Many people have had to apply for benefits for the first time and needed help to manage their money and make ends meet whilst waiting for their first payment.

Danielle recently moved into a Clarion home with her partner, Jason, having become guardians of her two young siblings when their mother was no longer able to look after them.

Aged just 22, she was forced to give up her job due to her new childcare responsibilities, and whilst she waited for her Universal Credit claim to be processed, they had to rely on Jason’s modest income, which left them stretched to breaking point.

Helping Danielle find her feet

Unsure where to turn, Danielle contacted us and we were able to provide one-to-one practical advice and support, reviewing her budget and taking steps to reduce her energy bills to help her feel more confident and in control of her household finances.

Working in partnership with the Trussell Trust, we organised for Danielle to receive an emergency food parcel to tide her over until she received her benefits, as well as an energy voucher to provide some ‘breathing space’ to help her get back into a more stable financial position.

We are now working with Danielle to explore employment opportunities to fit around her parental responsibilities and help her plan for the future.

Danielle said: “I’m so grateful to Clarion Futures, not just for the immediate practical help they gave me when I needed it, but also for their ongoing support as I take my first steps back into the world of work.”