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Case Study13 June 2022

Opening the door to home ownership

Find out how shared ownership helped Steph buy a home at Clarion Housing Group’s Lingley Fields development.

Steph, Clarion Resident 

Steph struggled to afford a house in her local area. When she found out about a shared ownership property on Clarion’s Lingley Fields development, she was able to secure a home of her own.

Lack of options for lone buyers

After moving back to her parents following a separation, Steph, 32, quickly realised she missed having her own space. But with the average house in her chosen area of Warrington costing over £210,000, affordability was a huge obstacle for her – as it is to a great deal of single occupant prospective buyers.

When her mum came across a house at Lingley Fields, in Warrington, available via Shared Ownership, Steph was initially hesitant.

“I was getting so frustrated with the lack of options available to me as a lone buyer. When my mum first told me about shared ownership, I was sceptical – I’d never heard of it before and had no idea how it worked. But after doing more research, it became clear that it could offer me a way to buy the type of house I wanted, on my own.”

“Being able to live in a new-build was an incentive”

Steph was able to purchase a 35 per cent share on a new two-bed home with Clarion Housing Group at the Lingley Fields development in Warrington, using a deposit of only £3,500.

Steph added: “Being able to live in a new-build house was such an incentive for me to buy via Shared Ownership. For the same amount I pay per month, I’d only be able to afford a small flat if I was renting.”