Announcement of new Government funding for affordable housing

Following the announcement from the Government of new funding for affordable housing, Austen Reid, Group Director of Development said: “We welcome the Prime Minister’s pledge of £2 billion of new funding, which will help us to build the types of affordable homes that are desperately needed by families across the country over the long-term. 

“It is clear from today’s announcement that the Government recognises the significant role housing associations, like Clarion, can play in fixing the housing crisis as we are uniquely placed to deliver large-scale, high-quality developments on our own or in partnership with housing partners. 

“At Clarion we have already embarked on a major step-change in delivery, by more than doubling our investment in new homes (£196 million in 2016/2017 to £427 million in 2017/2018). We have moved away from buying homes off housebuilders to developing land at scale in our own right or with partners, which has helped us to grow our pipeline to 14,000 new homes as part of our longer-term aim of delivering 50,000 new homes in ten years.”