Latest research tracks the ongoing impact of the pandemic on Clarion residents

Clarion has conducted a follow-up study looking at the ongoing impact of the pandemic on the lives of residents, after our initial report last autumn revealed how they had fared during the early stages of the crisis. That snapshot showed that while more than eight out of ten residents felt they were coping well, the pandemic had hit some residents harder than others – women, those of working age, and residents with a disability were struggling.

COVID-19 impact on residents

During November and December 2020, we spoke again to more than 700 residents who took part in the first survey to track how their lives continued to be affected, and how they were coping during the second lockdown.

While the survey took place, people were being encouraged to work from home and have limited contact with other households, but were still looking forward to a ‘normal’ Christmas.

We can now share the key findings of the second survey, which focused on the wellbeing of our residents, the state of their finances and how their work had been affected.

Key findings

  • The majority of residents still said they were coping well with the pandemic, though the proportion has dropped a little, from 86% to 82%.
  • There has been a rise in residents reporting that their physical health has worsened since we spoke to them in the summer (from 22% to 34%).
  • Residents have been feeling lonely more often than before (from 8% to 13% always or often lonely).
  • There has been a slight drop in the number of residents in work (40% to 37%), but far fewer residents were on furlough than in the summer (8% compared with 28%).
  • Many residents have taken steps to cut back on spending and more people have been worried about money (up from 28% to 42%). However, the majority (62%) were still optimistic about their household finances over the next six months.
  • Almost a quarter (24%) of residents said they were in receipt of Universal Credit, a third (35%) of whom had applied since the start of the pandemic.

Our ongoing research into the ways in which are residents have been affected by the pandemic is helping us to target our support to where it is most needed. We have swiftly mobilised our resources to support those in need.

This summer we plan to continue our research, as part of our 18-month longitudinal study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Clarion residents.

View the full report here.