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Promoting innovation  

A catalyst for new ideas 

 The William Sutton Prize celebrates innovative approaches that benefit communities.

It's inspired by the Victorian entrepreneur and philanthropist William Sutton. He left his fortune to provide much-needed housing for the poor.

Our charitable foundation Clarion Futures funds the £20,000 prize.

Turning great ideas into reality 

Novel approaches to developing sustainable communities and different ways of tackling homelessness are among the concepts that have won The William Sutton Prize.

Other winning entries have included:

  • Food education hubs
  • Safe houses for LGBTIQ+ refugees
  • Eco-friendly modular housing schemes.

The William Sutton Prize for Social Innovation 

This £20,000 prize is for individuals or organisations that have developed innovative concepts, products or services to change lives for the better.  It recognises new and creative ideas that solve social problems and transform the wellbeing and quality of life of others.

2021 winner

Pride of Place Living won the 2021 prize for its proposed scheme to provide multigenerational, lifelong and inclusive living for LGBTIQ+ people in Leeds.

Jane Stageman, Chair of Pride of Place Living, said: “Winning the Prize will enable us to progress our project to the next stage, turning a concept into what we believe will be the UK’s first multigenerational LGBTIQ+ housing community.”

Previous winners of the William Sutton Prize for Social Innovation

Judging panel for The William Sutton Prize for Social Innovation

The William Sutton Prize for Sustainability and Placemaking

This £20,000 prize is presented to individuals or organisations for ideas to develop sustainable communities, promoting community cohesion and biodiversity. The winners get to see their concepts tested out on one of our new developments. 

2021 winner

Mole Architects won with its proposal for a zero-carbon homebuilding system. The system sets out a step-by-step approach. It aims to enable greater numbers of people to come together to build their own homes.

Meredith Bowles, Founding Director and Principal at Mole Architects, said: “We’re excited to have the opportunity to trial our winning project on one of Clarion’s upcoming development sites.”

Previous winners of The William Sutton Prize for Sustainability and Placemaking

Judging panel for the William Sutton Prize for Sustainability and Placemaking

Apply for the biennial William Sutton Prize

Whether you’re an individual or an established organisation, we would love to learn about your ideas. In return, you could win up to £20,000 to help turn your idea into reality.

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