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Case Study20 May 2022

Resident involvement

Bob shares his experience of being involved in his local community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bob, Clarion Resident

Bob has been involved in his community in Hertfordshire for a number of years. During the pandemic, he played an integral role in supporting his neighbours.

Shaping the service Clarion delivers

Bob has been a Clarion resident in Hertfordshire for a number of years and has played an integral role in his local community, sitting on Clarion’s regional scrutiny committee. Bob’s feedback and recommendations have actively helped to shape the services Clarion delivers.

Bob said: “The community can be a powerful force. When we work together, we can achieve great things. I’ve always been actively involved with Clarion as the main landlord in this area. I provide a listening ear and then feed back the views of the community to Clarion. Clarion has helped me access training sessions to help me develop my own chairing and facilitation skills, as well as presenting and report writing too.

Supporting his neighbours

Naturally, when the pandemic struck, Bob’s focus was doing all he could to support his neighbours. Bob developed a colour-coded cards system for vulnerable residents to put in their front window.

Green signalled everything was OK and red meant the resident needed something, like help with groceries, or a prescription. Bob would take daily walks of the estate, looking out for any red cards indicating somebody needed a hand.

Bob said: “Covid-19 has shown us the importance of all pulling together, and I’m just pleased I have been in a position to help. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a stigma attached to social housing – and too often it doesn’t reflect the reality at all. I know plenty of people in my community working incredibly hard right now, often putting themselves at risk as nurses and carers, for example.”