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Investor information

Secure investment

Clarion Housing Group is one of Britain’s biggest providers of affordable housing, building thousands of new homes every year.  

We’re rated A3 (stable outlook) by Moody’s, A- (stable outlook) by S&P, and A+ (stable outlook) by Fitch. 

Clarion is a business for social purpose.  

Our financial health and governance is rated G1/V2 by the Regulator of Social Housing. 

Sustainable investing

Our Sustainable Housing Finance Framework provides a structure for our investors to make sustainable investments.

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Family from Calver Court, Walthamstow

“Our financial strength and resilience provides the platform for us to continue to build new homes, support our residents and invest in Clarion communities across the country.” 

Mark Hattersley, Chief Financial Officer 

Clarion Housing Group in 2022-23

  • £261m

    operating surplus

  • £1,031m


We're a resilient


and adaptable business

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