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Grant programmes

Sources of funding

Clarion Futures runs one of the UK’s biggest social investment programmes. In 2022-23 we spent £17m on helping transform the lives of people and their communities.

Our community grants support projects that:

  • help people into work or training
  • tackle digital inclusion
  • support people in dealing with financial problems
  • encourage community activities and promote health and wellbeing.

Examples of what our funding supports:

  • digital skills workshops
  • money guidance
  • intergenerational activities
  • connecting communities
  • developing young people's resilience. 

Our community grants are separate to the ones available to individual residents


Helping communities

Find out about the social impact of our grants on people and organisations who benefited during the pandemic.

Our funding priorities

We’re interested in applications that can demonstrate an understanding of what is already going on in the community, and how the grant funded activity will:

  • Make the most of existing provision in an area and add value. This could be by reaching new participants, those that may be missing out or are hard to reach.
  • Address gaps in local provision - where there is no similar/existing offer in the area.
  • Make the best use of other local services, partnerships or networks.
Woman at a Women’s Inclusive Team foodbank

“The funding we received from Clarion Futures went a long way in enabling us to quickly respond to the sudden hardships women, their families and vulnerable people from Black and ethnic minority communities faced during the Covid-19 crisis.”

Safia Jama, founder and chief executive of Women’s Inclusive Team
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Eligibility for our grants

Our individual grants have their own criteria, but in general, applications must meet these requirements:

  • Organisations should be not-for-profit with an annual income of less than £500,000.
  • Projects should aim to support residents in communities where we have homes.
  • Projects must have a clear plan for engaging residents and the wider community.
  • Organisations must have a record of income and expenditure or set of accounts.
  • Organisations must have the relevant insurance in place before delivering activities.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about our grants and how you can apply.

Grant programmes

Our grant programmes offer a range of support for our residents and partners. 

Previous grant programmes

Find out more about the programmes we have run in the past.

Resilience programme

The Resilience programme supports Clarion partners with additional bespoke consultancy support and funding opportunities to scale their work and increase long-term sustainability and resilience.

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Our grants in 2022-23

In the last financial year, we distributed nearly £600,000 of grant funding to over 130 partners.

This included:

  • 69 projects providing critical services to support communities during the cost of living crisis
  • 32 projects which enhance young people’s wellbeing and access to opportunities
  • 21 digital support projects, helping people get safe online access and develop digital skills
  • 10 grants to build capacity within community partners to ensure their sustainability and success long-term

Impact of our grants

Our funding makes a real difference to the lives of the people and communities we support each year.

Just as we did during the pandemic, we have stepped up to help thousands of our residents who have been struggling to make ends meet. In November 2022, we launched a Cost of Living Emergency Fund to support residents facing difficulty with rising energy bills.