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What we do

Housing association

We've been in the business of managing social housing for more than a century, and have more than 125,000 homes across the country. We are a social landlord with a mission to provide homes for those who need them most. Our residents enjoy subsidised rents and free social support to help them thrive in their communities.

We're providing

affordable homes 

for those who need them most

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Delivering results

Our 4,000-strong team, working with hundreds of organisations across the UK, is focused on delivering for our residents.

We spent £14m on supporting residents and their communities in 2022-23. This made a big difference to the lives of people. It resulted in £139m in social value – the estimated value of the impact of this work.

Some of our other achievements include:

  • Over 15,000 people supported into work by our charitable foundation, Clarion Futures, to date
  • 300 employers involved in our national jobs and training programme
  • 2,114 people helped into work in 2022-23
  • 2,032 new homes built in 2022-23

Social support

Our charitable foundation, Clarion Futures, invests in helping residents and their communities. Through the foundation we help thousands of people into work every year, and support those needing help to manage their money. Clarion Futures also helps connect people to the digital world as well as funding community projects to enhance the places where our residents live.  
Clarion Futures
Lady unpacking groceries in a community centre

Building homes

Our development arm, Latimer, is a major house builder. It delivers sustainable, affordable homes and creates new communities across the country.  

We built a record 2,032 homes in 2022-23 of which 78% were affordable tenures.

House Exchange home-swapping network

Find out more about our national House Exchange network where council residents, social housing residents and landlords share details of homes available to swap.

House Exchange
Father and two children moving into new home