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House Exchange

House Exchange is a national mutual exchange platform that supports both social housing residents and landlords.

Since 2004, we have supported more than 300 landlords and two million residents to manage their mutual exchange.

With expertise and a package of dedicated support and resources, we help an average of 14,000 social housing residents a year to swap homes.

House Exchange has been developed with the help of local authorities and social landlords across the UK and is a founding partner of the Government’s HomeSwap Direct scheme.

Join our House Exchange revolution

If you are a landlord or local authority, House Exchange could help you save time and money by making it easier for your residents to swap homes without going through a third party. Led by a dedicated team, we offer a personalised service with a focus on improving residents’ lives and making a difference.

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Benefits of using House Exchange

  • We use clever, cost-effective technology that matches and connects residents.
  • Hundreds of properties are added to our platform every day across the UK and updated in real-time for instant results.
  • We have a large quantity of choices to match your residents’ needs - from studio apartments to six-bedroom, detached family houses.
  • We offer a solution for unloved homes with our advertising feature, helping you push low-demand homes into the spotlight and save lost rent.
  • We provide ongoing training and technical support to maximise your membership and the platform.
  • Managing your residents’ data and reporting their activity is secure, quick and straightforward with our easy-to-navigate portal.
  • Unlock a full suite of marketing materials and digital content to promote mutual exchange directly with your residents.

Making moves happen

There are many reasons why people may need to move. They may be looking to downsize if their children have grown up and moved out, or they are a growing family needing a bigger home. They may need to relocate to a different area for work reasons or to be closer to friends and family.

As residents’ circumstances change, House Exchange enables them to move to a property more suited to their needs and in turn make full use of our properties.

"The process of implementing House Exchange couldn’t have been easier, with marketing information provided so that we could launch our new mutual exchange service quickly and easily. House Exchange were able to provide everything we needed and six months in we have over 1000 registered customers on the site. The portal is easy to use, and it has been a successful partnership, enabling our customers to move to homes of their choice."

Lisa, landlord at Midland Heart

Join House Exchange

Landlords or local authorities

If you are interested in joining House Exchange, please get in touch to find out further details.

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If you’re interested in swapping your home, visit the House Exchange website or register for free.

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House Exchange manages and operates the online platform only; we are not involved in the processing of mutual exchange, including the condition of listed properties and any repair issues. Partnered landlords are responsible for being transparent with residents on their new and existing property and for carrying out the appropriate checks.