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Clarion staff at group session in the office

Increase Valorisation Sociale project 

Nine French and English housing associations and training providers are participating in the Increase Valorisation Sociale project.  

It is being led by Optivo and is part of the [URL] Interreg France (Channel) England programme [URL:] This supports collaborative projects between France and the UK.  

The project operates along the south and east coasts of England (from Cornwall to Norfolk) and the north coast of France (from Brittany to Pas-de-Calais). It has been running since 2018 and focuses on places with above average unemployment.   

Our share of the project has seen us working in parts of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex and we’ve:

  • Helped more than 750 people into employment
  • Supported more than 170 new business start up
  • Provided training for 1,400 people
  • Mentored businesses impacted by the pandemic

To date, the overall project has engaged with 7,000 people - around 4,000 of whom have completed training courses, with 1,300 finding jobs.  

Helping entrepreneurs  

See how Clarion Futures helped Jess set up her dog grooming business.

Supporting small businesses 

We’re supporting a sustainable pipeline of small businesses to benefit local economies and households. Community ambassadors and support networks are also being created. 


Abri, Clarion Futures, Inco, Neotoa, Optivo, Pas-de-Calais Habitat, Polylogis, UEA, and WeKer.

Training providers 

Enterprise First, PopUp Business School, Smarter Society


Interreg Europe, Fenland District Council, Hyde Group, Orbit Group, Southern Housing Group, Swale Borough Council, Town & Country Housing, West Kent Housing Association.