We plan for the long-term to ensure that we can continue to provide our residents with high quality affordable homes.

Our 2040 strategy involves a major programme of investment to upgrade our properties, based on a set of standards we have developed.

Clare Miller, Chief Executive, Clarion Housing Group: “All Clarion residents deserve to live in sustainable homes and in order to make sure that is the case we need a vision fit for the next generation. Our Clarion 2040 programme will drive our asset strategy for the next twenty years, as we upgrade and invest in homes at scale.”

Investing in the future

Some £95 million was invested on improvements to our existing homes in 2020/21 – funding everything from installing new heating systems to putting on new roofs and refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms.

We built a record 2,126 homes in 2020/21 and already have another 20,000 new properties in the pipeline.

Stepping up

We go above and beyond to raise standards.

Just one example of this is our commitment to making our homes more energy efficient and reducing the running costs for residents as a result.

While the average Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating for a home in the UK is D, we will not settle for anything less than a C rating as a minimum at the properties we are upgrading.

Over the next 20 years we will enhance the homes in which our residents live, and focus on building new homes in parts of the country where demand for housing is high.

Investing in our properties is part of a bigger picture.

Our charitable foundation Clarion Futures is set to spend £50 million over five years on improving the lives of our residents and their communities.