Clarion Housing Group is a business for social purpose and at the core of our group is Clarion Futures, our charitable foundation. We will invest £150 million over ten years to provide support, skills and opportunities to more than 360,000 social housing residents across the UK.

Clarion Futures exists because we want to help our residents to develop their future and maximise the opportunities available to them. Our mission is to provide people with the tools and support they need to overcome their challenges, transforming lives and communities for the better.

Our scale, reach and diversity makes Clarion Futures one the largest programmes of its kind in the UK. There are few other charitable organisations which provide the combination of support and geographical reach we do across the country.

Clarion Futures is committed to delivering £1billion worth of social value over the next decade, transforming hundreds of communities and tens of thousands of lives in the process.

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Clarion Futures consists of three core parts; Communities, Jobs & Training, and Money & Digital. For more information use the links below or visit our Clarion Futures Twitter and Facebook pages to get involved in training and events near you.