Our award-winning repairs and maintenance service, Clarion Response, carries out 1,000 repairs a day and makes more than 250,000 visits to residents each year.

Problems are sorted out in just one visit in 93.5% of cases.

With a team of 460 trained staff, Clarion Response works around the clock every day of the year to ensure our residents’ homes are safe, comfortable and secure.

In 2019/20 we invested £102 million on improvements to our properties – ranging from upgrading heating systems and replacing roofs to refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms.

And we spent £188m on the maintenance of our rental properties.

More than nine out of ten residents were happy with the work that was done to improve their homes.

Clarion Response works on around 15,000 homes a year and emergency repairs are done within 24 hours, with urgent repairs done within a week.

Our residents can report and book repairs online and we have developed an online diagnostic tool to help them identify the specific problems that they need fixing and enable our staff to respond accordingly.

And a series of simple step-by-step videos help our residents to tackle simple repairs such as unblocking drains or bleeding radiators.


Clarion Response is a RoSPA Gold Award winner for Health and Safety and Fleet Safety.