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Building safety

Safety first

Keeping our residents safe is Clarion Housing Group’s top priority. That's why we invest in ensuring that our buildings are safe and secure.

We have an ongoing safety programme across all our properties. This helps us to keep fire doors, alarm systems and other safety measures up to standard.

We spent £157m on fire safety between April 2017 and March 2023.

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy we've played a leading role in fire safety reforms.

Spending on fire safety

  • £27m

    in 2020-21

  • £40m

    in 2021-22

  • £40m

    in 2022-23

Managing risk

We have 87 properties that are over 18m high, which our building safety team has inspected. Our higher risk buildings come under a safety case programme and framework. We manage the fire and structural safety aspects of all our buildings and our high risk buildings are registered with the building safety regulator. We also have a process in place for the new gateway requirements of the Building Safety Act.

We have an in-house team of building safety managers, who are responsible for up to fifteen buildings each. Our safety regime includes producing building safety cases and reports. We also use 3D modelling to map and assess buildings.

Clarion plays a leading role in influencing building safety reforms and championing best practice. We were a member of a group created by the Government to develop best practice on engaging with residents. Our area of work focused on resident and landlord fire safety responsibilities.

The group’s final report outlined how to engage with residents on fire and building safety.

Building Safety Act

Our building safety strategy is focused on ensuring that we’re working in accordance with the Building Safety Act 2022. The Act introduced a number of reforms, such as:

  • The creation of a new Building Safety Regulator.
  • Mandatory reporting of structural and fire safety issues.
  • Greater obligations to ensure that fire and structural safety is considered at every stage of a building’s development.
  • The creation of a new ‘Principal Accountable Person’ role and duties, to ensure that fire and structural safety is managed throughout the lifetime of a building.
  • Unlimited fines and imprisonment for up to two years for breaches of the Act.