We provide people with different options for owning their own home. Our communities come in all shapes and sizes, providing quality homes for individuals and families across the country.

Homes for shared ownership

We offer shared ownership homes to people who want to become homeowners but are priced out of the private market. Our homes range from city centre apartments to family homes in communities throughout England. Buying a stake in a home means that people part own their home and pay rent on the remainder. They can buy additional shares in their home from Clarion at any time, in a process known as “staircasing.”

We have more than 9,500 shared ownership properties and built almost 1,200 in 2020/21.

Opening the door to home ownership

After moving back to her parents following a separation, Steph, 32, quickly realised she missed having her own space. But with the average house in her chosen area of Warrington costing over £210,000, affordability was a huge obstacle for her – as it is to a great deal of single occupant prospective buyers.

When her mum came across a house at Lingley Fields, in Warrington, available via Shared Ownership, Steph was initially hesitant. “I was getting so frustrated with the lack of options available to me as a lone buyer. When my mum first told me about shared ownership, I was sceptical – I’d never heard of it before and had no idea how it worked. But after doing more research, it became clear that it could offer me a way to buy the type of house I wanted, on my own.”

Steph was able to purchase a 35 per cent share on a new two-bed home with Clarion Housing Group at the Lingley Fields development in Warrington, using a deposit of only £3,500.

Steph added: “Being able to live in a new-build house was such an incentive for me to buy via Shared Ownership. For the same amount I pay per month, I’d only be able to afford a small flat if I was renting.”

Private sales

Latimer is the development arm of Clarion Housing Group and offers homes for sale on the private market. There are various new developments to choose from, featuring homes in different styles, sizes and price points.

Our income from private sales rose by £34 million in 2020/21 and our sales rose to 177 from 109 the year before.

As with all our companies, Latimer’s profits are reinvested in our work to provide affordable housing and develop communities.

Some of Latimer’s current developments can be seen here