Keeping our residents safe is our number one priority. We spent £50 million on fire safety work between 2017 and 2020 and plan to invest a further £100m in upgrading fire protection over the next five years.

Our fire safety team has assessed all of our properties that are over six storeys tall so that we can make any improvements where necessary.

And we have an ongoing programme of work across all our properties to keep fire doors and other safety measures up to the appropriate standards.

Clarion is playing a leading role in the fire safety reforms underway in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy. We work closely with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and belong to the Government’s Social Sector (Building Safety) Engagement Best Practice Group.

And in 2020 Clarion presented MHCLG officials with the findings of fire safety pilots that are now being used to inform Government policies to protect people in high-rise flats.