We take a collaborative approach to our work, which is influenced by our residents in a range of ways. Our ongoing dialogue with residents helps us constantly refine and adjust not only the services we deliver, but how we deliver them.

Residents play a very real role in Clarion’s work and their involvement can go from spending just a few minutes a week sharing their views to having a seat on the Board.

We have developed our own social network for residents, Clarion Voice, which not only keeps them up to date with our news and developments but enables them to give feedback and connect with other residents.

Community engagement

And a series of resident-led networks and committees exist to look at everything from anti-social behaviour to the needs of LGBT+ residents.

Hundreds of our residents attend open days every year, where they get together with Clarion staff and senior management.

Our collaboration with our residents comes down to communication, whether it is face-to-face, online, or over the phone. Our customer services staff deal with more than a million calls a year, and our social media channels offer another way of contacting us. 

Another example of how we engage with our residents is our annual Clarion Index survey, which gives an insight into the needs of our residents, the challenges they face and their thoughts and feelings about the landlord service  we deliver.

Clarion exists to provide good quality, affordable homes and neighbourhoods for people failed by the housing market.

And the partnership we have with our residents is a key part of the work that we do.

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"We encourage Clarion to listen to what we say, to take our recommendations seriously and take appropriate action."
Graham Roberts – Clarion Housing resident

Making a difference

Find out how we worked with our residents to make positive changes in 2019-20.

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Working as a team